Past Presidents

MCBA members elect a Present of the Board of Directors who serves a one-year term as president. The following is a list of the many distinguished women and men who have committed countless hours of service and shared their wisdom while leading MCBA:

2019 C. Franklin Snowden, III
2018 Felicia A. Long
2017 Rhon E. Jones
2016 Royal C. Dumas
2015 T. Cowin Knowles
2014 Benjamin E. Schoettker
2013 J. David Martin
2012 Michael D.F. Winter
2011 Kendall C. Dunson
2010 Paul A. Clark
2009 Patrick L.W. Sefton
2008 Alex L. Holtsford, Jr.
2007 R. Lester Pittman
2006 Donald R. Jones
2005 C. Gibson Vance
2004 Jimmy B. Pool
2003 Jeffery C. Duffey
2002 J. Cole Portis
2001 T. Kent Garrett
2000 E. Terry Brown
1999 Laura L. Crum
1998 Michael W. Jackson
1997 William R. Blanchard, Jr.
1996 Thomas J. Methvin
1995 Lee H. Copeland
1994 Dorothy F. Norwood
1993 James E. Williams
1992 J. Clifton Heard
1991 J. Floyd Minor
1990 John N. Pappanastos
1989 Robert D. Segall
1988 Wanda D. Devereaux
1987 Edwin K. Livingston
1986 James R. Seale
1985 David B. Byrne, Jr.
1984 Henry C. Chappell, Jr.
1983 Euel A. Screws, Jr.
1982 Richard M. Jordan
1981 Lawrence H. Kloess, Jr.
1980 Thomas S. Lawson, Jr.
1979 Walter R. Byars
1978 Harry H. Perdue, Jr.
1977 Albert W. Copeland
1976 Maury D. Smith
1975 George B. Azar
1974 Oakley W. Melton
1973 Charles E. Porter
1972 Robert C. Black
1971 Herman H. Hamilton
1970 Robert E. Varner
1969 Joseph D. Phelps
1968 T. Bowen Hill
1967 Harry Cole
1966 Truman M. Hobbs
1965 William B. Moore

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