MCBA committees offer opportunities for leadership, to connect with other attorneys, and to contribute to the legal community. MCBA members can request to join a committee at any time by filling out the MCBA Committee Interest Form at the bottom of this page.

Standing Committees
Budget Committee

Tim Gallagher
The Budget Committee recommends a proposed budget to the MCBA Board of Directors for the fiscal year beginning the following year.

Grievance Committee
The Grievance Committee investigates complaints filed with the Alabama State Bar against Montgomery area attorneys.
The members of the Grievance Committee are kept anonymous to prevent any potential interference during any ongoing investigations.  

Law Day Committee

Felicia Long
The Law Day Committee prepares and publicly presents a program during each year to encourage throughout the community respect and understanding of the law and of the legal profession.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee

Bryan Morgan
The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee fosters and promotes educational programs as the Committee may deem appropriate or as directed by the Board of Directors for the benefit of the MCBA and its membership.

Bar Relations Committee

Effie Hawthorne
The Bar Relations Committee implements plans for the entertainment of the MCBA and its membership, including MCBA's annual Holiday Gala.

The Docket Committee

Allen Sheehan
The Docket Committee is responsible for editing and publishing The Docket: the official organ and publication of the MCBA. The Docket is published at least four times each year and provides the official notices and communications of the MCBA to its membership.

Ad Hoc Committees
Bench & Bar Committee

Ashley Penhale
The Bench & Bar Committee implements plans for the annual Bench & Bar CLE.

Charity Event Committee

Ali Hawthorne
The Charity Event Committee implements plans for the annual charity event. In keeping with the Alabama State Bar's motto "Lawyers Render Service," MCBA's annual charity event raises money for non-profits that are providing vital services in our community.

Mentoring Program Committee

Peyton Faulk
The Mentoring Program Committee implements MCBA’s Mentoring Program, which pairs newly admitted lawyers with more seasoned lawyers for help in navigating the “real world” practice of law.

Public Relations Committee

Matthew Ward
The Public Relations Committee fosters all such matters as may tend to establish and maintain a good relationship between the public and the legal profession and to perform all other such services relating thereto as may be referred to it by the Board of Directors. The Committee shall coordinate the cooperation of the other committees whose functions afford opportunities to promote and enhance the public image and status of the legal profession.


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