MCBA is happy to offer its vendors and sponsors a variety of advertising opportunities that reach hundreds of attorneys and legal professionals across the Montgomery area. There is no better way to advertise or share with the legal community in Montgomery than MCBA.

• All advertisements are subject to approval by MCBA's Board of Directors.
• All advertisements must be paid in advance.
• All payments for advertisements must be submitted to MCBA's physical location.
• Please contact MCBA for any questions or additional information.


The Docket Advertising Opportunities

• Advertisements for The Docket must be submitted via e-mail to Suzanne Duffey in either .pdf or .jpg format.
• Advertisements for The Docket must be submitted by the 5th of the month preceding the publish date.
• Issues of The Docket in which advertisements are placed will be e-mailed to the advertiser.

MCBA Advertising Rates for The Docket
Advertisement Options 1-Ad Package 6-Ad Package
half page (7.5" x 5")  $ 300.00  $ 900.00
banner (7.5" x 2")  $ 200.00  $ 600.00
quarter page (3.75" x 5")  $ 150.00  $ 450.00
eighth page (3.75" x 2.5")  $   85.00  $ 255.00

Proposed 2020 Deadlines for The Docket
Article Date Draft Date Publish Date
May 21 May 24 May 31
July 12 July 17 July 20
September 6 September 10 September 14
October 5 October 9 October 12
November 9 November 13 November 16
December 5 December 10 December 12


Digital Advertising Opportunities

• Digital advertising opportunities are available on the home page of our website.
• For more information regarding pricing and submission requirements, e-mail Suzanne Duffey.


Sponsorship Opportunities

• Sponsorship opportunities are potentially available for each event hosted by MCBA, its sections, and its committees.
• As part of the sponsorship, your selected logo is included on all advertisements for that event that are disbursed to its members.
• For more information regarding opportunities, pricing, and submission requirements, e-mail Suzanne Duffey.

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