Patterson, Jeff

Firm Name
Jeff Patterson, LLC
Business Street Address
8650 Minnie Brown Road, Suite 204, Montgomery, AL, 36117
Jeff patterson practiced law inside the Alabama Department of Revenue for more than 13 years, where he litigated hundreds of coporate and individual tax cases and advised commissioners and division directors on various tax topics. In 2006, Jeff fomred his own firm in which he now represents corporate and individual taxpayers who are located within Alabama and other states. Jeff's presentation encompasses sales and use taxes, the trust fund recovery penalty (the 100% penalty), financial institution excise tax, property tax (including revaluations and redemptions), tax-exempt recognition applications (federal and state), seeking refunds, collection matters, audits (including audits performed by private firms), tax litigation, tax incnetives such as the Alabama capital credit, local taxes, regulatory matters, and federal income and excise taxes, among other areas. He is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, federal and appellate and trial courts, the United States Tax Court, and all state courts in Alabama. With his background and experience, Jeff focuses his efforts on assisting businesses and individuals to navigate the complicated world of federal, state, and local taxation.