Younker, Barr D. Jr.

Firm Name
Younker Law Office, L.L.C.
Business Street Address
P.O. Box 240641, Montgomery, Alabama, USA, 36124
Law School Attended/Attending
Oklahoma City University
Barr D. Younker, Jr. retired from the Air Force in 2008 in the grade of Colonel. Among his many assignments, he served as a prosecutor, a supervisor of prosecutors, a tort attorney, and as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. He has extensive experience in conducting and overseeing criminal and other investigations, in aviation law, in tort law, in labor/discrimination law, and in family law. The cases in which he served as lead counsel involved matters in dispute totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition to his Juris Doctor degree, he holds two Master’s Degrees and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He is on the faculty of Auburn University at Montgomery where he teaches various criminal justice and legal studies courses. He has published articles in several scholarly journals.